Franciszek Starowieyski STARO STARO NIGHT

As both a forefather of the School of Polish Poster and an exceptionally prolific Surrealist, Franciszek Starowieyski (1930-2009) certainly deserves a special place in this Featured Gallery. Many Polish poster artists signed and dated their work; Starowieyski continually pranked the custom by at times creating a monogram, and often camouflaging the date among random numbers or simply misdating, sometimes by centuries! (Mozart's Don Giovanni)(a Starowieyski exhibit at MOMA).

He had no trouble riding the edge of society's taboos (Zycie Rodzinne) and frequently forced a clash of finite mathematics and infinity (Iluminacja).

Starowieyski also regularly ventured toward the improbably proportioned (Kafka's Opis Walki) and subtle, signature iconography (Sanatorium Pod Klepsydra).

More artist info: Starowieyski graduated from Warsaw ASP in 1955. He concentrated on graphic design, poster design, set design and cartooning, and exhibited internationally throughout his career. Awards and honors include Grand Prix: Biennale of Contemporary Art, Sao Paulo, 1973; Grand Prix: film poster at Cannes Festival, 1974; Grand Prix: Int'l Competition, Paris, 1975; 2 Annual Key Awards, Hollywood Reporter, 1975-76; and Prix at Chicago Int'l Film Festival, 1979-1982.

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