Just WZ

Wojciech Zamecznik (1923-1967), a pioneering member of the School of Polish Poster, occasionally signed his name with his initials only. He created this compelling 1959 multi-panel for the film Pociag (The Train) ... conjuring up the long, low profile of the subject matter with both graphic design and paper size ... by combining two A1 format posters for a finished display size of 33 in. (H) X 46 in. (W). This poster signed W.Z.

There are other poster designers who are known to have signed with their initials only or with some sort of nickname, making life difficult for collectors and archivists, but no hard feelings. They include Adam Bowbelski (A.B.), Danuta Baginska-Andrejew (Danka), and Maria Ihnatowicz (Mucha).

Additional artist information: Zamecznik (1923 - 1967) was born in Warsaw and graduated from the Architecture Department of Warsaw Polytechnic just as the School of Polish Poster was taking root. His designs can be found in nearly any review of the groundbreaking art of the "Golden Age of Poster." His career included work as an architect, graphic & poster designer and photographer. Among his awards was a Gold Medal at the 1962 Intl. Poster Biennale (Sao Paulo) for the poster shown.