Anton AnnaA TRIBUTE TO THE ARTIST ANNA HUSKOWSKA (Brzezinski, 2005, Oil on Acrylic, 16 in. X 20 in.)In 2005, Apparition Studio-Chicago asked Anton Brzezinski to interpret Huskowska's body of work for a special poster exhibit, and he painted this montage on clear acrylic to impart the effect of a stained glass window for the studio wall. The images in this piece are prominent art images and typography drawn from a portfolio of Huskowska's poster work spanning the mid-1950s to mid-1960s. The characters and icons will be very familiar to serious collectors of the Polish poster, and we're especially excited to share this painting with you!

Additional biographical information for Anna Huskowska (1922-1989): Born on January 22, 1922 in Czerniecin, Poland, she studied under Professor Henryk Tomaszewski and graduated from Warsaw ASP in 1956. Major exhibits included West Berlin - 1957, Prague - 1957, Ottawa - 1960, Beirut - 1961, and Munich - 1962. Huskowska died on November 10, 1989 in Warsaw.

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