Category: Music Festivals
Artist: Rafal Olbinski

Born February 21, 1943 in Kielce. Painter and poster designer. He is among the world's best-known contemporary surrealists, working in many different media. Graduated from Architectural Department of Warsaw Polytechnic. Emigrated to the US in 1981 and has been a professor at the School of Visual Art in New York since 1985.  He has received more than 100 awards for his work, including Gold and Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators and Art Directors Club of New York. You can connect to the artist's official web site directly through our Links page.

This poster was most likely designed originally for one of the Jazz Jamboree Music Festivals in Warsaw. No one seems to know exactly what this poster might be titled. We've seen it listed as Trumpeter, Trumpet Player with Tree Hair and Birds Living There, and many others of the sensible and nonsensical realms. So we've made up a name of our own, but the point is it's a beautiful picture, don't you agree?

Year 1981
Format B1 Vertical (26 in. X 39 in.)