Category: Exhibition
Artist: Jozef Mroszczak

May 11, 1910 (Nowy Targ) - September 19, 1975 (Warsaw). Studied in Krakow (1930-33) and Vienna (1934-37). Exhibits : Warsaw - 1955,61,65,66; Canada - 1960; Milan - 1961; Sao Paolo - 1963; Copenhagen - 1963; Italy - 1964; Honolulu - 1965; Katowice - 1967. Individual exhibits : Katowice - 1961, Vienna - 1964, London, Caracas, Essen. Many awards, including Poster of the Year 1964 for "Don Carlos"; Prima Swiss Graphic Artists' Association Prize; Gold Medal in Leipzig - 1965. Editor of "Polnische Plakatkunst", Dusseldorf - 1962.

The magazine, PROJEKT, launched in Poland in 1955, documented the graphic design scene in Poland, throughout Eastern Europe and beyond. For many in its worldwide audience, it was their first glimpse at the unique contributions to graphic design from behind the Iron Curtain, as PROJEKT was written, edited and illustrated by designers who represented the vanguard of the School of Polish Poster (Mroszczak, Lenica, Tomaszewski and others).  The magazine soon achieved a reputation for striking cover and interior art and design scholarship. A typical issue usually had small-format versions of posters such as this one by Jozef Mroszczak, with a single horizontal fold that allowed the poster to serve as an "insert."

Year 1975
Format PROJEKT Magazine Insert, 11 in. X 16 in.