English Title: Utopia (France/Italy)
Category: Film
Artist: Marian Stachurski

1931 - 1980. Born in the City of Lazy. Graduated from Warsaw ASP in 1956 (class of H. Tomaszewski). Graphic designer, illustrator, poster designer. Exhibitions: Canada - 1960, Beirut - 1961, Denmark - 1963, Italy - 1964, Sweden - 1965, Warsaw - 1961,65. 1st Prize for "Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie" - 1958.

The legendary comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were known under many different character names around the world during their movie-making years ... Dick und Doof (Fat & Dumb) in Germany, El Gordo y El Flaco (The Fat & The Skinny) in Spain, etc. In Poland, they were known as Flip and Flap. This poster was designed for their 1950 film Atoll K (later retitled "Utopia"), which was eventually released in Poland in 1961.

Year 1961
Format A1 Vertical (23 in. X 33 in.)