Category: Cultural & Political
Artist: Jan Sawka

December 10, 1946 (Zabrze) - August 9,  2012 (High Falls, NY). Graduated 1972 from the Wroclaw Architecture Dept. of the Polytechnic, and later studied painting at the Wroclaw ASP. His many exhibits and awards included Budapest, York - 1971; Lausanne, Palermo - 1972; Wroclaw, Helsinki - 1973, as well as the Gold Medal at the 7th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw - 1978.

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This poster by Jan Sawka celebrates Kinoteater X, which was a multi-function cultural institution in the city of Gliwice. Operating in one form or another from 1958-2009, Kinoteatr X hosted spaces for live theater and music, film festivals, art-related education, literary clubs and on-going programs for community use.

Year 1975
Format A1 Vertical (23 in. X 33 in.)
Circulation 3000