English Title: Caricatures
Category: Live Theater
Artist: Henryk Tomaszewski

June 10, 1914 (Warsaw) - September 11, 2005 (Warsaw). One of the original trio of the 'Founding Fathers' of the Polish School of Poster. Graduated from Warsaw ASP in 1939, and became a long-time professor at his alma mater. Poster, set and graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist. Honorary Royal Designer, Royal Society of Arts in London. Exhibits: Warsaw - 1953, 55, 56 61, 65; Vienna - 1948, Berlin - 1950, Copenhagen - 1954, Moscow - 1954, Kiev & Minsk - 1955, Budapest - 1956, Berlin - 1957, Ottawa - 1960, Milan - 1961, Copenhagen - 1963, Ljubljana - 1964, Sao Paulo - 1965 (1st prize), Italy - 1964, Honolulu - 1965., Leipzig - 1965 (Gold Medal). Award of the City of Vienna for Poster of the Month - 1956, Award of the Year : Exhibition of Industrial Design, Great Britain - 1963, Silver Medal @ I MBP Warsaw 1966 for "Pokoj", Golden Medal @ II OWP Katowice for "Pologne", Grand Prix at the Int'l Poster Biennale, Lahti - 1979, Grand Prix at the 7th Polish Poster Biennale, Katowice. 1st Prize at the Int'l UN Poster Competition, five 1st prizes @ Int'l Poster Exhibition, Vienna. Poster of the Year, Warsaw, International Poster Triennale, Toyama, Bronze Medal - 1991, Silver Medal - 1994.

Poster designed for the 1978 performance of Jan Kisielewski's turn-of-the-century play at The National Theater in Warsaw. Kisielewski was a noted playwright associated with the Mloda Polska (Young Poland) literary movement of the time. An interesting aspect of this particular poster, to us, was Tomaszewski's decision to revive the "look" of Young Poland in his poster graphics, a look that manifested in the visual arts as deriving from symbolism and art nouveau, trending heavily toward simplicity and the use of soft pastel colors.

Year 1978
Format B1 Vertical (26 in. X 39 in.)
Circulation 3000