English Title: Dostoevsky's The Idiot
Category: Live Theater
Artist: Eryk Lipinski

July 12, 1908 (Krakow) - October 27,1991. One of the original trio of the 'Founding Fathers' of the Polish School of Poster. Studied graphic design with prof. T. Pruszkowski at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (ASP), graduated 1939. Illustrations, satirical drawings, posters, set designs - since 1934. Numerous exhibits and awards : Int'l Poster Exhibition, Vienna - 1948 : 7 prizes; Int'l Poster Exhibition, New York - 1950; Karlsruhe - 1952; Int'l Exhibition of Film Posters, Wiesbaden - 1953; Vienna - 1955; Ljubljana - 1964; 3rd Prize @ Int'l Exhibition of Film Posters, Vienna - 1965; Montreal - 1965. Founder of the satirical magazine Szpilki in 1935; one of the creators and curators of the 1st Int'l Poster Biennale; founder of the Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, 1978.

Eryk Lipinski's poster for Dostoyevsky's play, The Idiot, at Warsaw's Dramatic Theater (See more about this poster in our Featured Poster Gallery). There are 2 very similar versions of this poster, and both are original!

Year 1968
Format A1 Vertical (23 in. X 33 in.)
Circulation 2000