English Title: Wronged (Hungary)
Category: Film
Artist: Anna Huskowska

January 22, 1922 (Czerniecin) - November 10, 1989 (Warsaw). (nee Mlynarska). Graduated from Warsaw ASP (Class of prof. H. Tomaszewski) in 1956. Exhibited : West Berlin - 1957, Prague - 1957, Ottawa - 1960, Beirut - 1961, Munich - 1962.

A good example of strange retitling when a film is released outside its country of origin. The original Hungarian title, Edes Anna, translates literally to "Sweet Anna." We're sure that the artist (coincidentally named Anna) did not find her so sweet when she screened the film before designing the poster!

Year 1959
Format A1 Vertical (23 in. X 33 in.)