English Title: Same (Poland)
Category: Film
Artist: Marek Freudenreich

Born May 3, 1939 in Poznan. Graduated from Warsaw ASP in 1963 (class of prof. H. Tomaszewski). Many awards, including Int'l Exhibit of Film Posters, 1965 - Lubliana. 1967 Trepkowski Award for 3 posters : "Wietnam", "Zwyczajny faszyzm" and "Krew-zycie". Golden Plaque, Art Directors Club, NY - 1974. 'Hollywood Reporter' Award winner - 1975.

  • Freudenreich also designed a second poster for this film, mostly text.
Year 1964
Format A1 Vertical (23 in. X 33 in.) B&W
Circulation 11500